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I am a Type A endomorph. I struggle with weight. This is my Journey

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy VD Day, Disappointment and Weightloss

I know that sounds wrong. Well I had been talking to this guy online @ OKCupid. Ihad a feeling just something in my gut that there was something wrong... This place always has scammers or catfishers, and I always seem to find them.
Well he said we should meet today. I sent him my fone# and he didnt call, said he had to step out for a bit and would call in a while... HE DIDN'T.

This morning I get a txt from him saying his kids showed up to take him out, and he was hoping to be back early enough to meet me.... YEA, Right.

Always listen to your Instincts, your intuition, its usually always right.

Anyhoo  I got another txt from him around 5 ish... something is off, it was too fast with all the sweet talk for starters.
His fone # was an exchange I didn't recognize so I Googled it. It said a Bridgeport Ct. Landline. ( We are in Fla.)
Well how can he txt from a landline. Turns out there is now technology that allows it, speech to txt.

I tried calling him and got a recording from Txt Now..... Hmmmmmm...The really suspicious thing is My ex's family live in bridgeport, he lives in another part of Ct. with the she devil  he is with.
At first I thought maybe he was messing with me  or she was, this is more her speed then his, but now I think it is a sad coincidence.  At least I hope it is.

The sad thing is I was hoping for something special for VD day. I have been hating this holiday for.. EVER... at least 15 yrs.. and New years too, and Xmas... Yea I have gotten real Jaded over the yrs. But this yr was supposed to be the yr it all changes for me, and for the most part it is...... But I am really disappointed I allowed myself to get my hopes up..... This is why I am Alone... Ppl let me down. Sometimes I think I am better off alone.....

Well Enough of the sadness... I decided I would just go out and walk it off... Over 2 miles again. Something Happens when I walk, I get music  in my step and ppl notice. Yesterday I was stopped twice, ppl said I looked happy, I had Hip hop in my step... hahaha  and I don't even like Hip hop. I can take  minute doses of it at one time but that's it.

And Another Amazing thing... My Clothes are falling off.

This shirt I bought when I first got here In October  Actually. It was a lil loose But now it is swimming on me.

These yoga pants were falling off me too.  Time to go shopping.


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