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I am a Type A endomorph. I struggle with weight. This is my Journey

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Happy Labor Day, A New Start

For the month of July I decided to make it a better day the entire month. I ate what I wanted Bagels Bagels & More Bagels apple pie sugar chocolate cake you name it I ate it I was tired of being healthy and exercising and not losing the weight it was frustrating. I needed a reset so I took the month off decided to eat what I was missing and then start again come August. I started doing Quito in August but struggled with some things. It is now September I am doing it again back to keto eating more focused I also started taking Lipozene. No I am not paid to say this this is my own doing. I wanted to try it it's glucomannan which I was going to buy for my vitamin company but we ran out of money before I could. So I figured I would get the Lipozene at Walmart and save myself all the shipping. I can't say that it has cut down my desire to eat my problem is not that my stomach growls all day but that my mouth wants to eat all day and all night this stuff when taken as directed with lots of water will work to curb your appetite for the record I have to say that I gained 15 pounds in the month one month that I decided to eat carbs 15 pounds really? I have to add that the month that I took off of dieting I also took off from exercise so starting this month I start with my glider again I've moved it into my bedroom which is a lot harder but the room I was using is now occupied with other purposes so I didn't really have much choice. Now that it's September thankfully and hopefully the weather will cool off did I mention I live in Florida where it's summer about 10 and a half months out of the entire year?

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