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I am a Type A endomorph. I struggle with weight. This is my Journey

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

6 WBMO - Oat Wraps - "Tortillas"

This is the "Tortilla" I usually Make.

From member ..... I saw lots of recipes with ground oatmeal to be used as a kind of flour substitute. Unfortunately, there's no bread or tortillas on the 6WBMO to wrap your protein/veggies in besides lettuce or cabbage leaves. So, I did some experimenting and came up with an oat wrap that can be used for turkey tacos, fajitas, or anything else you can dream up.

BMOS Note: The use of ground oat flour may cause one to lose slowly, or for progress to stop. Please read ingredient link for more information.
When using this or any recipe specifying a measure of uncooked grain, please bear in mind that all grains expand with cooking and we take our measurements off the cooked volume.  Since oats more or less double in volume when conventionally cooked, the ½ cup uncooked oats in this recipe is the equivalent of 1 cup cooked.   

  • ½ cup uncooked oatmeal 
  • egg whites 
  • your favorite herbs and spices (I used oregano, basil, thyme, garlic powder and cayenne pepper for some heat) 
  • 3-4 tablespoons water (or enough to thin out the mix)

Put oatmeal into food processor. Blend until fine. Add egg whites and blend. Add your favorite spices. Add water. The key is to make the batter really runny so that when cooked it remains thin (oats tend to poof up). Heat your non-stick skillet on medium heat. Pour ¼ of the batter into pan. Turn over after a minute and cook for another minute. Recipe yields about 4 wraps, 6 - 7 inch diameter. 

Compatible with Body Type:
Breakfast A-C-D-E
Morning Snack C-E
Lunch A-B-C-D-E
Afternoon Snack B-C-D
Dinner A-B-C-D-E
PM Snack

This Recipe Contains: Protein A, Carb B


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