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I am a Type A endomorph. I struggle with weight. This is my Journey

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Welcome to the World Food Blog

I finally Made my Food Blog. I wanted a stand alone blog rather then hosting it on Blogger or Wordpress but It wasn't in my finances , so Blogger it is.

I will be posting the recipes I saved from when I was doing 6wbmo. Which I am doing again. I will also be posting my own recipes and things I have tried from pinterest.

That said.... About me: I have struggled most of my life with me weight. Although I was teased by my father growing up  I wasn't fat, but I was tall and had my fair share of baby fat but nothing compared to what we see today.

As I grew up my body changed and I still thought of myself as fat even though I wore a size 14 sometimes a 12. Being tall in the 70s as a female presented a bunch of problems. They didnt make clothes for women who were over 5'6" or 7. I was 5'9". I bought my jeans in the mens section but then had to deal with the extra rise ( the front roominess made for mens packages).

I got pregnant young and gained 50 lbs. and DIDN'T loose it.

This was the start of my walk.....

I yo-yo'd over the yrs since. During the 80s it was sex drugs and Rock and Roll... party all the time and I lost a bunch of weight, but it changed after I stopped drinking and partying and started eating. Not much though. I gained some of the weight back but not like today.

A few yrs later I have my 2nd child ( 17 yrs after my first) and didnt gain too much. and lost it after she was born, but I was still about 50 lbs overweight.

The 90s and new millennium  brings anti- depressants which slows down my already sluggish metabolism. They also killed my libido and gave me T2 Diabetes.

The first time I tried the 6WBMO I lost over 40 lbs in 7 weeks.. I brought my blood sugar down from 350 to 90 without meds.

Then Life Happened.....

I went off plan and started eating the old way, and its been 6 yrs. I tried to keep the that WOE alive but struggled and gave in to all the wrong stuff, esp. since I was around it all day when I was volunteering at school ( In the Kitchen)

Now My baby is 21 and living on her own with her BF and it is just me ( and the fur kids).

I moved to Fla. Was staying with my oldest and her family for 9 mos. I kept some of the principles of eating healthy but still ate crap. Then a friend became a beach body coach, I got to try BB for a month for free. I had access to a lot of their programs, such as insanity, P90, Brazil Butt, etc. I tried a few and lost some weight. At this point I had to move and never renewed my membership.

Now I moved again, and I went back to Atkins/ Keto started Losing weight and then stalled.
And stayed in the stall for 2 months. Finally I decided "If it aint broke don't fix it". The 6 WBMO worked before I need to go back to it, The thing is I like my Fatbombs ( choc. PB) and I Love my BPC ( bullet proof coffee) which I make with Torani SF coffee syrup smores flavor.

SOOO I have decided to go back to The 6W plan but modified, at least for now.


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