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I am a Type A endomorph. I struggle with weight. This is my Journey

Monday, March 14, 2016

Egg Fast

I have been doing an egg fast the passed day and today.  I have been in a stall then I gained 2 lbs. I know the gain was probably from sodium, I had been drinking pickle juice. I like the sweet and salty, Pickle juice, then choc. Pb fatbomb.

Anyhoo My goal was to loose 10 more lbs by next week which is my b'day. I had all month to do it, and I stalled.!!!!

I am surprised that I was not craving anything else with the egg fast.  I do admit I had PB with my eggs in the morning. Then had hard boiled for snack as usual with my banana.
PB and Banana are not egg fast food but I have the bananas and they are freckling already, I cant let them sit until I am over the fast they will get TOO ripe, and I hate wasting food.
The PB I always crave as I am low in magnesium. I started taking my supplements again and the cravings are slowing and not as severe, but I still had some. In fact this month isnt even over and I went thru 2 jars already.  NOT GOOD. That is probably where those 2 lbs came from.

Oh Well.  Progress is slow in my life.


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